Mary T Duda

 the ‘ArtPoet’ ~  21st Century ‘Transpersonal Artist’

Using ‘abstract  art’ as a very powerful language of symbolism with words that direct the viewer to understand complex spiritual truths in childlike wonderment.

Viewed as a 21st century ‘Transpersonal Artist‘ Duda’s unique artistic gifts is inspired through prayer and meditation, allowing her heartmind to become a channel to reflect and translate the mystical languages encoded in the frequencies of  colors. Each brush stroke becomes  a ‘colorful  ethereal dance  on  canvas, reflecting a celebration for life and creativity. In the StarRover and Sacred Art series…. the story of our divine origin and human divine  destiny “Divine Truth -Sacred Heart of God” unfolds. Alongside the paintings are powerful poetic stances reflecting  divine inspirations  which provides glimpse of enlightened truths that reminds us of our marvelous and magical human divine components that make up our heart, mind, and soul. 

“Sacred Art”Series  are created from divine inspiration ‘spirit in thought ~ spirit in creativity.’ 

The ‘StarRover’ Series  entrance the heart and illumines the mind  of the ‘star gazers’.  A dynamic internal transpersonal~enlightenment  of the soul  occurs.  The vibrant  colors and images are alive, releasing transmuting  frequencies that are imbued with  energies of  healing, joy, peace, love, and hope, the paintings instill divine inspiration that reach beyond  the conscious level of reasoning  reality,entering the minds subconscious level, deep within the  “mind of  the heart” the “Sacred Heart” .

The energy  frequencies coming from  the paintings enlightens the mind of  the heart ~and~ opens the path way  for one to receive and reconnect with  the Spirit of joy, healing, peace, love –‘the ‘breath of life’  that is within us.


DudaArt Collection

‘DudaArt’  signature style and time stamped collections was established early on in her career. Mary is recognized as visionary and  a leading expert in multimedia, she’s a renowned speaker, educator, a pioneering innovator,  throughout the 80’s-90’s combining art and technology  to create new forms of art. DudaArts trademark is photography-fine art-mix media’.  

As a renowned ‘Transpersonal Artist’  she combines poetic stances to guide you to the source of inspiration speaking through the frequency waves of colors and abstract forms; as ‘StarRover’ gazers reflect on the StarRover Series,  collectors and gazers alike have connected and  felt the creative divine ‘force~ source’  ~ by experiencing the essence of  divine being (joy,peace, truth, love, hope,) speaking through the StarRover paintings.

Her  varied style includes a unique blending of photography, computer graphics, watercolor, mix media, and  fine art.  In the 80’s  era,  her signature was combining optical graphics,  Pre CG {computer graphic}  She’s produced major shows in India, Indonesia, and Japan. 


DudaArt   has been featured   in and  on covers of leading  magazines. Mary T Duda has been asked to do commissions for renowned Hollywood celebrities and world leaders. Collectors  have associated  some of her paintings with  Kadinsky, WARHOL, Van Gogh. DudaArts have  also been featured at historic events including; Worlds Fair, Olympics, Hollywood events,  and Vancouver Museum

Currently, she is releasing a series of limited editions and Book -Star Rover ‘A Journey to God‘ part of the Sacred Art Series in the US and Canada


Body of Work Include:

‘Transpersonal’ Healing & Sacred Art

Fine Art Mixed Media

Water Color, Mix Media 

Computer Graphics

Fine Art Photography

Optical Light Painting and Video Wall


A world touring  art show is in development. A unique aspect of the exhibit will be the use of interactive multi-media systems that will allow the viewer to “walk through the art.” It is part of a retrospective on the history of “New Media & Fine Art.”

You are welcome to schedule a visit
and private artist preview
of the DudaArt  collections at
DudaArt Gallery 8601 Lincoln Blvd. Ste. 2-193 Los Angeles. CA 90045
Gallery entrance on Manchester Ave 1/2 block west of Lincoln 

DudaArt & Charity

Percentage of sales proceeds from select art works support the following organizations: Heal the Bay, Project Angel Food, Non Denominational Spiritual Centers, Community Outreach Programs.